When Sewing Machines Attack

Story Time: Back in high school, I once forget to have my mom sign a tardy slip so I asked for one more day to bring it in. “Just until my mom’s hand feels better,” I said. When the teacher asked what happened, I told her about the totally true but still irrelevant fact that a needle went through my mom’s finger at work and she’s not able to sign anything. “You can call her to ask about it!” I added while my teacher shuddered and shooed me back to my desk.

Back to the present, I have been wrestling with this one top for a few days and was in the home stretch of hemming the sleeves when it happened.

I stepped on the presser foot before I got my hand out of the way. The machine beeped 3 times and displayed an E6 error on the screen, alerting me that  the thread was tangled and the motor came to a stop.

I know, machine.

There is tangled thread in my peRSON, MACHINE.

Scene of the crime

Like mother like daughter, the needle went through my pointer finger. I pulled the tip of needle from the pad, thread and all. How I managed to not to scream is beyond me. Immediate thoughts:

  • Will I have to amputate? I don’t want a nubbin finger.
  • Okay, but then maybe I get part of a robo-hand which I always thought was dope.
  • If I had been using silk thread, could this feel better (as I pulled the freaking thread out of my hand)?
  • Can you stitch cuticles?
  • Is it still called Urgent Care if I know I’m procrastinate about going?
  • Do I get a discount the next time I get a manicure for doing one less nail?

I better look damn cute in this top. I literally bled for it.


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