Be your favorite anti-hero


simplicity-premium-on-demand-costume-pattern-EA823601-front-back-view (1)

Not too long ago, cosplay required a couple of frankenpattern moves and several google searches for costume hacks. Not anymore!

While some pattern companies aren’t able to get the rights to call this patterns after their respective characters, it’s awesome to see more crafters and costumers hone their skill past papermache and duct tape.


Last I checked, HBO still hasn’t given licensing rights, and this one and another Cersei-like¬†pattern still is just categoried under “Fantasy Play.”

mccallshalloween2014_queensofthegame simplicity2014

But a bold move from Marvel to get into the game. Maybe other owners of intellectual property can get into the game?

(And yeah, I know the Deadpool costume came out a few months ago, but it also took me FOREVER to see it, so just…deal.)


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