Blue Linen Dress

Here’s the latest dress I made. The fabric is blue linen from Walmart that my mom bought for me as part of a Christmas haul from Walmart. Thanks Mami!

I’ve been doing more and more self drafting patterns and while they’re getting easier to do, it’s still very much a challenge. Trying to connect darts and fitting a bodice to my weird sized body is difficult enough when I’m using patterns. Now I’m winging it and learning even more along the way.

Pleated top dress with pockets.

Yeeeaaahhh, pockets.

Close up of the pleats and me making silly faces or almost closing my eyes. (I’m terrible at selfies.)


Yeah, yeah.

Take-away: Pleats are difficult and probably just not a good idea in general with linen. Expect to iron A LOT, and then still have it not look as crisp after all. I also learned I’m not that big of a fan of linen. It was hard trying to make a form fitting dress with it and a quick search on Pinterest proves it isn’t the typical aesthetic for that kind of fabric. I am looking forward to maybe making a summer jacket out of it one day, but it’ll have to wait until next year.