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Me-Made-May Wrap Up

For the record, the challenge went great! I skipped one day (it was a Monday — that really shouldn’t even count).


I’m just awful at taking photos. Mostly because I’m awful at finding my old camera. Oops.


I’ll totally be prepared for the next one!

Big Hair and a Blazer

Lucky day 13 of the Me-Made-May challenge. I know I haven’t been posting every single day but I’ve kept up with wearing something I’ve made each day thus far and my co-workers and friends have been keeping an eye out. No one’s letting me slack or get away with this!


Close-up of the cuff detail.



And this is the dress from yesterday, taken down in Dumbo.



Cinco y Seis de Mayo

Barely got to take any photos of yesterday’s dress but it was a two-color jersey dress that I made back in Boston. It’s from the 09/2010 Burda issue. Here are some photos from a few years ago.



Line diagram



No rectangle sleeves for me this time!



I didn’t really like it at the time. I needed to make it with a ponté knit or something a lot thicker and sturdier. I used slinky jersey fabric that should’ve been used for a dress less structured but it was a learning experience. Somehow, it fit a lot better on me yesterday so I’ll definitely have to take photos the next time I wear it.

Today’s top is a multi-pleated collar shirt with a button-down back. The fabric is from New York. It’s a satin cotton blend that’s warm enough to wear without a jacket on this gloomy Wednesday.




This is the best I can do for a shot of the back. I might have to get inventive with mirrors or simply find my camera and use the timer.


Close-up of the pleats


Office selfie!

The sleeves weren’t done separately. They’re kind of sewn up Kimono style. For reference:


Will try to get close-ups of the back because it came it really well!

Me-Made-May Weekend

Still going strong with the #MMM15 challenge! Saturday, I attended a going away party in Brooklyn at Spritzenhaus. It was finally one of those gorgeous Spring days that almost required a dress so I wore my favorite pink strapless one.


With and without the cardigan.


I’ve got tan lines for dayyyyss.

No photos of the dress from Sunday but I’m sure I’ll wear it again during May.

Today’s wrap skirt is a small black daisy striped cotton blend that feels closer to silk. I didn’t have that much fabric to work with at the start, so to keep it at a modest length, i did a rolling hem. I saved a few precious inches that would’ve made the skirt otherwise unwearable.





Weird side view for the wrap slit.



Sitting down photo. It kinda rides up so it’s a little risky.



Close up of rolling hem. Thank goodness my machine can do this. I really wanted to use the fabric for something.

I’m also just realizing I could’ve used it as a contrast with another fabric, but I digress.


aaaand, we’re back

I’m really having trouble finding a server that won’t shut down anytime soon. like within a year of me signing up with them so it’s frustrating trying to upload old posts. Now I’m missing the posts from back when I lived in Boston and I miss those because that’s when I first started getting into collars. Like, back when I couldn’t even attempt to attach collars.

But I digress.

Anyway, here goes:

I, Sara Noemi of little, visible delight, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear as many me-made garments as possible each day for the duration of May 2015.