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15-04 SteinwayTrans

15-04 SteinwayTrans

Mon Apr 6 2015, 7:00 pm

After conquering the world of music and ascending the pinnacle of New York’s cultural scene with America’s premier entertainment and lecture space, Steinway Hall, the Steinway family turned their interests towards the ‘high tech’ of their age: transportation.

The family needed to insure that workers and residents in their community could have the best of both worlds: easy access to big city Manhattan as well as the advantages of living in a small town like Long Island City. Besides, there were all those empty lots in their settlement that had to be sold. Transportation easy and cheap was the key.

Starting with Streetcars, they eventually branched into tunnels, bridges, elevated trains: in short a good portion of the NYC transit system we know today.

One can argue that Long Island City, the Borough of Queens, the City of New York and our metropolitan region developed in the ways that it did because of those dreams the Steinways had while looking out over their village from a mansion on an Astoria hill.

After the lecture – share your thoughts about the mansion.

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